A regional workshop and field excursion of IGCP 653: The Onset of the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event will be organized at Cadi Ayyad University, Marrake​sh, Morocco, on February 12-16, 2018.
February 12-13, 2018, an IGCP 653 workshop at Marrakech University, similar to the workshop that took place at Nanjing, May 15-16, 2017 (link), will be organized for students from Morocco, but all Moroccan scientists and participants from IGCP 653 are welcome.
After the workshop, a three-day field trip is organized February 14-16, with geological excursions to some of the classic sections of the Lower Ordovician Fezouata Fossil-Lagerstätte, allowing participants to observe the geological context of the exceptional Fezouata Biota.
Download the First Circular here. Further information will be available at on the IGCP 653 project website.
Contact: k.elhariri@uca.ac.ma