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First NameLast NameCityCountryInstitutionCommunicationCommunication Title
Mohamed Mustapha zarrouk Errachidia Morocco FST Errachidia Yes
Saadeddine essarrout Agadir moroco Yes
Ikrame Boudghène Stambouli Tlemcen Algeria University of Tlemcen, Faculty of science, Algeria Yes Stabilied finite element method for the time dependent Stokes problem
ABDELILAH JRAIFI SAFI MOROCCO UCAM ENSA SAFI Yes Analytical solution of the simpli ed Dupire-like equation and necessary conditions of optimality in a nancial calibration problem
Anas Jakane Marrakesh Morocco FSTG Marrakesh No
Fatiha Benibrir Tlemcen Algeria univ sidi bel abbess Yes
Hicham Ghajini Marrakech Maroc UCAM FST No
KAINANE MEZADEK Mourad Chlef ALGERIA Hassiba Benbouali University Yes Semilinear wave models with visco-elastic damping
Krim Ismaiel Relizane Algeria University Ibn khaldoun of Tiaret Yes Optimisation Problème SPD
Tahar Mezeddek Mohamed Chlef Algeria University Mustapha Stambouli of Mascara, Yes On the roots of some special matrix
Idriss SEKKAK Kenitra Morocco Faculté des sciences Ibn Tofail Yes A stochastic epidemic model with relapse and saturated incidence
Mohammed BENAICHI oujda Morocco Mohammed First University Yes 3D Numerical Modeling of Semiconductor Drift-Diffusion Equations
Abdelghani Elmousaoui MARRAKECH MOROCCO FSTG Yes kinetic theory for the moving crowd
ELAASSRI ABDELWAHAB MARRAKECH MAROC Faculté des Sciences d'El Jadida Yes Periodic solutions of a quasilinear parabolic equations with arbitrary growth nonlinearity in the gradient and nonlinear boundary conditions
Youness EL YAZIDI Marrakech Morocco LAMAI Yes
KOUADRI Ghada Ouarga Algeria Kasdi Merbah university/ ouargla No
Helal Mohamed Sidi Bel Abbès Algeria University Mustapha Stambouli of Mascara Yes Perturbed Partial Fractional Order Functional Differential Equations with State-Dependent Delay in Fréchet Spaces
Joanna Dib Tlemcen Algeria University Abou Bekr Belkaid, Tlemcen, Algeria Yes Statistical Modelisation And Numerical Simulation Of Cloud Droplet Coalescence
Abdessamad OUSAADANE Marrakech Maroc Faculté des Sciences et Techniques Marrakech Yes