Congrès International en Modélisation et Calcul Scientifique en Ingénierie Mathématique Marrakech, du 19 au 22 Novembre 2014

Conférenciers invités

  •   Mohamed Guedda (F): Existence of traveling wave solutions for fresh/salt water interface equation with a reaction term
  •   Antoine Henrot (F): Shape optimization problems with diameter constraints
  •   Robert Kersner (H): Exact wave fronts and periodic patterns in a computation system with nonlinear diffusion
  •   Mohamed Amine Khamsi (USA): Are Generalized Metric Spaces worth the recent uptick interest
  •   Habib Maagli (Sau): Existence and global asymptotic behavior of positive solutions for semilinear and superlinear fractional boundary value problems
  •   Pascal Monasse (F): Computing the curvature in images
  •   Michel Pierre (F): Global Existence in Electro-Reaction-Diffusion Models
  •   Vicentiu Radulescu (Sau): Variational analysis on the Sierpinski gasket
  •   Jean Rodolphe Roche (F): Numerical Methods for an Inverse Problem in Shape Optimization
  •   Youssef Saad (USA): Solution of sparse linear systems: An overview
  •   Noureddine Zeddini (Tun): Positive solutions for some nonlinear elliptic systems with coefficients that change sign in the half space